Yo, I'm Alison, an avid video gamer and sims addict. I'm 19, vegan, and especially love prime numbers, moustaches, and cookies. Despite my endeavors to convince you of otherwise, I'm actually quite shy and reserved most of the time, but don't be afraid to message me.

My current simming goal is just to finish a legacy challenge, and though I update at a snail's pace, I will get to generation 10 one day. Really, I will.

Thanks for dropping by! ♥

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Anonymous asked: Do you have Master Controller? If so there was an option.. well not really an option, but when you would zoom out to see the whole world you could see a little circle thumbnail of the Sims in that world.. does it still do that with this update for you, because in my game it won't anymore..

Yep, I have MC. :) And I know what you mean, no worries. For me, it didn’t display those with the first immediate update after the patch/Pets, but I went back to get some of the other mods by Twallan that I use and noticed it had a newer update date (October 22), so I redownloaded it, and now I have those little icons again. Maybe try that?

Edit: just to make sure you don’t go download it and wonder why the tags aren’t there - it’s part of Story Progression Expanded/Extra, not Master Controller. Sorry for the misinformation! x_x;;

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry to bother you but I'm trying to choose between Awesomemod and Twallan's MC and SP and I hope you could help me a little. I've tried Twallan's but I didn't actually like the nonstopping notes about what townies are doing and I was just wondering is there some way to disable it? And is there some way you can make sims 'sacred' like in Awesomemod? I'd love to play with different families in the same world, you see. And honestly, after using Twallan's Awesome seems kinda awful.

Well, you don’t have to choose. :3 For a long time, I played with Awesomemod and Twallan’s mods. I recently started a new save without AM to see what it was like, and I really miss the Robotic Hand of God and some other features. /lazy

But to actually answer your question, yes, there is a way to disable the notifications. Click on a computer, choose the NRaas option, then click Story Progression. If you look under the different settings, then under each category you can choose if you want to see all “stories,” just relatives (blood) and friends, just relatives, or no stories.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to make families sacred or not. :/ I haven’t seen the option in my experience, but I’m not exactly a Twallan guru. AM never did anything awful to my game, but if a core mod bothers you, then by all means, just play with Twallan’s. :)

rainnluv-deactivated20130409 asked: I am completely in love with the Foxyglove's new house. You did a fantasic job decorating it. I was wondering if you could help me find their fireplace and the bunny/owl/deer/nature pattern you used? :D

Thank you! Unfortunately, I actually have no clue where I got the pattern from, which is sad, since I’d love to recommend it to others. If anyone else knows where this wallpaper is from, could you let me know? The fireplace is by Awesims, found here. :)

shaaana asked: *shameful* can I ask you a lil wcif ? WCIF Nemo's sweatshirt :D? <3

No, problemo. :* It’s here - look in the TS3 clothing section.

adelphepothia-deactivated201111 asked: First of I would like to say that I love the foxgloves. Your writing is funny,witty and just simply amazing. I downloaded Poppy and put her in my game, she is so beautiful. Anyway, I'm wondering how do you get your sims faces to look so unique? I try but It never works out. Do you use face sliders? If so could you direct me towards them. If you don't, do you know of any good ones? Thank you! you're amazing.

Wow, this is seriously the nicest message I’ve ever gotten. I’m glad you like Polly! <3

Yeah, I do use facial sliders…and I use a lot of them. My favorites are these by bella3lek4/ahmad, these body sliders, this chin-to-neck-line slider, this chin cleft slider, these nose sliders, and this lip slider. If you add this many sliders to the game, though, you’ll need some kind of hack to increase the possible number of available sliders. I use this one, but if you use Awesomemod, you can just set the configuration to allow more sliders.

Hope that helps! And thank you. ♥

deltajay asked: Where do you download your sims clothes and other stuff?

This makes me want to do a resources page. I did say I’d do one a long time ago. But for now, I can’t really tell you specifically. I use a lot of store stuff (check Sunset’s koala tea blog) and find the rest at MS3B. :)

ohmydoing-deactivated20111112 asked: I have to say, I'm in absolute love with Nemo :) He's such a cute loser ♥

I’m fond of him for that very reason, too. :3 I have a weakness for the underdogs in sims families.

pixelddump asked: how do you edit your photos, they're so unbelievably clear *_*

Aw, thank you! n_n And generally, I first crop/resize, then use Unsharp Mask set to a small radius (I think .3 or less) and 80% or so. After that, I use Ioona's awesome .psd and fiddle with the opacity of the layers and such until I like it. And I use Photoshop cs5 to edit. :D

serenadesim replied to your photoset: So, Dot grew up. No more babies or toddlers,…

she is so adorable oh my god, wcif her hair though?

Her hair can be found here (at least, the version I use). n_n

halloweenscones replied to your photoset: So, Dot grew up. No more babies or toddlers,…

Are you sure YOU decided that? Because it is so right.

Haha, you hit the nail on the head. It just seemed to fit her and her traits (artistic, virtuoso, and mooch). She is the perfect spoiled baby of the family. :P

awes0meesims asked: Helllo! I was wondering where you got that bed & pillow from in your new foxglove house in the study/spare bedroom stemming from the living room! :) Also you might want to prepare yourself for my like spam because I'm miss my foxgloves and about to go through your post on tumblr to catch up on what I missed! <3 :)

The bed is a regular bed from the base game or one of the EPs; it just has a bookcase attached to the headboard using moveobjects on. ;) I used several different pillows. One is found here, one’s here, and another is here (I think that’s the right one, but I’m not 100% sure). :D

cuntfaaace-deactivated20121113 asked: I just have to say I love all your Sims (: And I was just wondering if you plan on putting any of the other Foxgloves like Lirael up for download?

Hi, dude. Thanks! <3 I’m planning to offer all the third generation kids (Lirael, Ask, Tyr, Mint, Nemo, and Dot) - plus the cousins - for download when they’re all at least teens/young adults.