Yo, I'm Alison, an avid video gamer and sims addict. I'm 19, vegan, and especially love prime numbers, moustaches, and cookies. Despite my endeavors to convince you of otherwise, I'm actually quite shy and reserved most of the time, but don't be afraid to message me.

My current simming goal is just to finish a legacy challenge, and though I update at a snail's pace, I will get to generation 10 one day. Really, I will.

Thanks for dropping by! ♥

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Only Important Memories


Thank the Maker! I was getting so tired of all the pop ups about seeing my first deer/wild horse/my horse has seen a wild horse!

Mod is updated! Click the link! :)

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  2. annam-cara said: Man, I just disable notifications because I love looking through memories later, haha
  3. ninoosimsdeleted said: With Master controller you can disable memory creation. And on the options of the game you can disable the notifications ;)
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  5. awes0meesims said: I now understand why you say Thank the maker! xD
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