Yo, I'm Alison, an avid video gamer and sims addict. I'm 19, vegan, and especially love prime numbers, moustaches, and cookies. Despite my endeavors to convince you of otherwise, I'm actually quite shy and reserved most of the time, but don't be afraid to message me.

My current simming goal is just to finish a legacy challenge, and though I update at a snail's pace, I will get to generation 10 one day. Really, I will.

Thanks for dropping by! ♥

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Sorry for not being around so much. :< I’ve not only been busy with real life lately, but I’ve also gotten pretty sick, so I’m spending my time sleeping, drinking tea, and feeling like death. Awesome.

Anyway, stay awesome & happy simming. n_n

"What? Is there something on my face?"

geekycamimh replied to your post: Do you have Master Controller? If so there was an…

the tags come with the SP Extension if I recall correctly.

Oh, okay, thanks. ◕~◕ I’ve just always had both, and it’s not really noted in the Expansion post, so I never realized it wasn’t part of the original MC. There you go, anon.

Anonymous asked: Do you have Master Controller? If so there was an option.. well not really an option, but when you would zoom out to see the whole world you could see a little circle thumbnail of the Sims in that world.. does it still do that with this update for you, because in my game it won't anymore..

Yep, I have MC. :) And I know what you mean, no worries. For me, it didn’t display those with the first immediate update after the patch/Pets, but I went back to get some of the other mods by Twallan that I use and noticed it had a newer update date (October 22), so I redownloaded it, and now I have those little icons again. Maybe try that?

Edit: just to make sure you don’t go download it and wonder why the tags aren’t there - it’s part of Story Progression Expanded/Extra, not Master Controller. Sorry for the misinformation! x_x;;

theatticbox replied to your photo: :3

That is too cute.

There may be many faults with the Pets EP, but I couldn’t give it up after seeing the little details like that. n_n

(49) More Collection Icons! by Sims MX @ mts


This mod will add 49 new collection icons, and arrange the existing icons.

Some icons require a specific EP or SP installed. 

more info & download at MTS

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How long have you Simmed?





I was thinking this could be fun! Re-blog and post how long you’ve played the Sims 1-3.

I’ll start it off then…Lets see. I started playing The Sims 9 years ago. Almost to 10 now! =)

Nine months. Believe it. The first time I…

I’ve been playing since the very beginning. I was about 10. I remember not knowing that this game was going to take over my life. Ho ho things have changed.

I probably should’ve figured it out when I stay up until 4am the first time I played.

I think I got into simming because it made me laugh to see my older brother playing Sims 1 (all he did was cheat with motherlode and build giant mansions and pools, lol…those were the days). I was about 8 or 9 when I first played it myself…so I guess 10 or 11 years.

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Oh, hey, Royal. Good to see you&#8217;re still so&#8230;manly.

Oh, hey, Royal. Good to see you’re still so…manly.

Only Important Memories


Thank the Maker! I was getting so tired of all the pop ups about seeing my first deer/wild horse/my horse has seen a wild horse!

Mod is updated! Click the link! :)